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04 . 12 . 2020
CESI and ITCOLD continue their monitoring on Italian dams
Upon the presentation, by ITCOLD (Italian Committee on Large Dams) and CESI, CESI and ITCOLD continue their monitoring on Italian dams
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03 . 12 . 2020
Météorage acquires CESI SIRF
Météorage acquires the lightning unit of CESI SIRF Italy from the CESI Group, so that each company will focus on their core business
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02 . 12 . 2020
CESI keeps supporting Distance Learning and the fight against COVID-19
CESI Group has decided to support schools in Milan, by providing 18 laptops to guarantee the continuity of distance learning during lockdown.
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30 . 11 . 2020
A step into the future: Remote Testing through augmented-reality technology
KEMA Labs announces the start of our revolutionary Remote L@b experience, making augmented-reality part of our daily activities
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27 . 11 . 2020
CESI at the Energy Forum promoted by The Adam Smith Society
Today, at 4.30pm (CEST), our CEO, Matteo Codazzi, will participate to the Energy Forum, which will be held online for the first time
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25 . 11 . 2020
IAEE’s webinar on energy security: challenges and solutions explained by our CEO, Matteo Codazzi
Our CEO, Matteo Codazzi, partook in the webinar “Energy security: challenges and solutions,” organized by the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE). Since after the crisis of COVID-19, there is a general consensus of all countries to support energy transition connecting the decarbonization process to energy security that will remain an important issue of the […]
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