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CESI keeps supporting Distance Learning and the fight against COVID-19

CESI keeps supporting Distance Learning and the fight against COVID-19
02 . Dec . 2020

During the second wave of COVID-19, CESI Group has decided to keep supporting schools in Milan, by providing 18 laptops to guarantee the continuity of distance learning during lockdown.

As the Milan Townhall has asked for donations to provide the opportunity of distance learning in such difficult times, CESI has offered several laptops to be distributed to primary and lower secondary schools in the city. In fact, last spring we have already provided different schools in Milan with twenty laptops, in order for the students to have access to remote education during the lockdown in the first wave.

In addition, each of our employees has donated one or more hours of their remuneration – an amount doubled by CESI Group, as to make the donation even more sizeable – that were later donated, in part, to the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan and, in part, to the Caritas of Milan, Seriate and Piacenza to support projects regarding the social emergency due to the spread of the virus.

Aside from guaranteeing the continuity of services to our global clients and protecting the health of our colleagues during these hard months, CESI continues supporting different realities through charity and donations. To learn more about our donation of 18 laptops to schools in Milan, click on this link.

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