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Remote assistance & Maintenance of monitoring systems

To ensure all components of the monitoring system function properly, regular checks and maintenance must be carried out and operators must be prepared to carry out essential maintenance after an emergency.

ISMES’ maintenance services include scheduled maintenance and extraordinary site visits to carry out repairs after a malfunction is detected.

We also support clients in the day-by-day management of their monitoring system through a remote assistance service. Our remote assistance center based in the ISMES facility in Seriate (Bergamo), helps clients to solve any hardware or software problems that arise in the monitoring system.

The services we provide include:

  • Remote communication between data acquisition units distributed on the monitored structure and the central control station
  • Evaluation of the status of the system
  • Restoration to working order through our remote assistance service
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance
  • Maintenance and control activity reports
  • Hardware and software upgrades
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