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In the mining sector, CESI offers consulting and design services for major multinational mining companies, especially the design of remediation interventions and the execution of pre-design studies. Our services include:

  • Analysis of international regulations and identification of threshold or reference values that define whether risk analysis and remediation is needed. CESI’s work in the mining sector sometimes occurs in countries that lack complete or detailed soil and groundwater contamination national regulations. The first step in these markets is to propose the most appropriate foreign legislation to use, considering site-specific aspects (e.g. similarities in site geology between various countries)
  • Screening of remediation options, taking into account the type of contamination and site-specific characteristics
  • SWOT analysis of remediation options, taking into account the effectiveness and commercial viability of each technology, as well as its environmental and social sustainability and post-remediation site reuse options
  • Development and execution of laboratory and field tests to evaluate the effectiveness of remediation technologies or products – e.g. CESI recently surveyed a site for sulfate groundwater contamination for a major multinational mining company, to assess the effectiveness of bacterial remediation
  • Outline of remediation projects, including operational and executive details, comparative analysis of remediation options, scheduling, expected costs of execution, and issues to take into account during and after works (e.g., periodic monitoring)
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