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Storage & E-mobility

E-mobility infrastructures

The electrification of transport is expected to significantly contribute to decarbonization. From private cars to corporate fleets, from public transport to commercial mobility, the whole system will have to be transformed, particularly in terms of managing supply and integrating electric vehicles into the power grid.

CESI’s deep expertise in power grids and power markets, as well as its extensive knowledge of all electrical and electronic assets involved in the e-mobility value chain (from car batteries to charging stations) gives us a unique market position and allows us to advise clients on how best to deploy the necessary infrastructure and the market opportunities the electric mobility revolution creates.

Among the services that we offer in the e-mobility space are:

  • E-mobility strategy roadmap, helping clients to navigate the business, organization and technology issues involved in developing EV business and go-to-market strategies
  • Studies examining EVs’ role in power markets for smart charging and vehicle to grid (V1G and V2G)
  • Assessment of EVs‘ impact on the power grid and the benefits of implementing smart charging
  • Market analysis and profitability evaluation of EV charge points
  • Assessment of hosting capacity of charging infrastructure
  • Network studies assessing specific use cases, including impact on other generation and load assets
  • Technology and engineering support for E-mobility ecosystems with expertise in IT/OT integration
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