A look on energy innovation from the point of view of our experts
10 . 07 . 2020
Podcast – Utility Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is at the front of mind for many utility operators, IT specialists, and has risen to the level of importance for many utilities that actually have a Chief Information Security Officer
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17 . 05 . 2019
Interconnecting the world
The importance of interconnections for cleaner energy​​ According to most part of the scientific environment, climate change is mainly a result of human activity and since the mid-20th century it is proceeding at a very fast rate. But human beings are also capable of changing direction, and the development of innovative energy projects can help […]
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08 . 01 . 2019
Cyber Security for the electricity sector
​Like many other systems of systems (SoS), the electric grid is facing challenges as devices originally intended to be either standalone or locally networked are now being connected to both advanced management systems and to non-operational systems with exposure to the Internet. Generation, transmission and distribution systems which were previously connected to control centers through […]
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01 . 12 . 2018
Highlight – N° 74
It is the economy, stupid! Recently I was guiding a group of visitors through our lab when one of them asked, why is there still a need for testing and certification of electrical equipment, like we do here every day at KEMA laboratories. He asked: “You know – you electrical engineers have been making electrical […]
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01 . 07 . 2018
Highlight – N° 73
Technical entrepreneurship In October last year we celebrated the 90th anniversary of KEMA with a big conference in Amsterdam. For the occasion, her majesty the Queen, granted us the right to name the new High Power Laboratory in her honour: “The Queen Maxima High Power Laboratory”. On the cover picture, you can see the new […]
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28 . 03 . 2017
CESI – WEC study on variable renewables
Integration of variable renewables: achievements, challenges and solutions. A report by CESI and WEC The Report ‘Variable Renewables Integration in Electricity Systems 2016 – How to get it right’ is published by the World Energy Council in partnership with Project Supporter and the Council’s Global Partner, CESI S.p.A. The report draws upon 32 country case […]
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22 . 04 . 2016
System Adequacy and Market Modelling
The Electric Power System has a very important role for the economic development and welfare and is at the heart of a sustainable way to use energy. It is the largest machine ever been engineered: in Italy 60 thousand kilometers of transmission power lines – one and half time the circumference of the Earth – […]
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30 . 03 . 2016
Highlight – N° 72
Technical entrepreneurship Early January I attended a presentation of an INSEAD professor, who had been advising Elon Musk on his innovation processes. The professor told us that Mr. Musk never hires MBAs and does not prefer experienced managers as these kinds of people are all trained on minimizing organizational risks so that the likelihood of […]
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01 . 03 . 2016
Highlight – N° 71
Queen Máxima High-Power Laboratory In Early October it already felt like the festive season had started, when KEMA celebrated its 90th birthday in Amsterdam, with a small conference with customers and other stakeholders. We officially opened the extension of our lab, renaming our short-circuit lab “Queen Máxima High-Power Laboratory” with full permission of her Majesty […]
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21 . 01 . 2016
HV tests for on-site cable diagnostic
Energy utilities need on-site AC high-voltage acceptance tests on their cable systems and switchgear, in order to ensure the quality of their transmission systems; such tests need to be performed on site with special equipment as well as remarkable measurement technology and diagnosis at voltages of up to 500 kV. Complete acceptance tests such as […]
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