In recent months, the underlying advantage to an increase in the penetration of green hydrogen into the energy mix has been the subject of various analyzes. In this respect, the objective of this CESI study is to investigate the impact of the Italian Hydrogen Strategy, developed by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development (MiSE) on the power system by 2030, comparing different scenarios in the installation of electrolyzers and location of additional renewable energy sources (RES) power plants. Our study “Italian Hydrogen Strategy: What Impact on the Power System?” aims to explain how 2% of the energy demand forecast by 2030 in Italy, equivalent to 0.7 Mton/yr., could be met by green hydrogen within the end of this decade. Moreover, in order to attain this objective, the present study assesses how 5 GW of electrolyzers by 2030 should be geographically placed across the Italian territory to produce green hydrogen in order to reach the 2% energy demand goal.

CESI Studies – Italian Hydrogen Strategy: What Impact on the Power System?

CESI Studies – Strategia Italiana sull’Idrogeno: quale impatto sul sistema elettrico?