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Environmental Site assessment & Feasibility Studies

Environmental impact assessments, including soil and groundwater investigation, are often mandatory, for example in response to a spill or when the site is part of larger Sites of National Concern. In other cases, Environmental impact assessment is required for contractual reasons (e.g. before the purchase or sale of a site) or where it is necessary to investigate the environmental status of different areas within the site, to assess possible historic contaminations and to evaluate environmental liabilities.

CESI offers the following services for industrial, forest land or rural sites:

  • Environmental impact assessment Phase I: Review of the current and historical use of the site, history of industrial production, analysis of the geological, ecological and hydrogeological data, detailed analysis and inspection of the site including interviews with staff, analysis of the applicable national legislation
  • Identification of potential environmental liabilities
  • Evaluation of the environmental liabilities through due diligence
  • Preliminary investigation of soil and groundwater quality
  • Drafting of soil and groundwater characterization plans
  • Assisting clients with project approval, managing administrative aspects and co-ordinating interactions between public authorities and customers
  • Environmental impact assessment Phase II – execution of geognostic surveys, installation of piezometers, soil and groundwater sampling and analysis and comparison of measured concentrations with threshold values
  • Direct risk analysis to assess health and environmental risks due to contaminant concentrations on site and evaluate their acceptability
  • Inverse risk analysis, to calculate risk threshold concentrations or remediation goals
  • Assistance in interactions with environmental authorities (e.g., ARPA) during field activities
  • Definition of monitoring plan

After evaluating environmental liabilities through due diligence and, if necessary, studying and testing the best remediation technologies, CESI supports clients who have to remediate production areas and plants, by creating specific site scenarios and evaluating their feasibility.

CESI offers the following services:

  • Development of reconversion scenarios for the site
  • Proposals of integrated solutions for site remediation and land reclassification
  • Definition and execution of preventive monitoring plans
  • Calculation of the impacts of interventions
  • Definition of the management plan for excavation and reuse or disposal of demolition materials
  • Categorization of recovered materials for reuse and/or disposal
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