Transportation will be the next sector to decarbonise, after electricity. The rise of electric vehicles will bring huge changes to the electricity sector as well as the automotive industry. Kema Labs can help you navigate this new and uncertain landscape.

We have the expertise, competence and cutting-edge test facilities to help you take the last critical step of testing a new product before it goes to market. High standards and quality will be critical to the emerging market for electric mobility, so you need a reliable partner.

At our labs, we can test the reliability of electric vehicles (evs), EV charging systems and their interactions with the existing network.

Kema Labs, offers the following services :

  • Testing of electric vehicle supply equipment ( EVSE ) in real conditions
  • Simulating vehicle-to-grid (V2G) interactions
  • Reproducing all possible extreme environmental conditions, including solar irradiation, low and high temperature, watertightness in heavy rain and more
  • Functional testing to check safety of the electrical equipment
  • Mechanical endurance testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing in our anechoic chamber
  • Communication and protocol performance testing and interaction between vehicle and EVSE
  • Testing of battery management system components for vehicle safety in case of accident (pyro switch technology).

The entire chain can be tested in the flexible power grid laboratory, where the interaction between several vehicles, EVSE, battery storage systems and the grid can be simulated, providing customers and system operators with valuable data of real working conditions before the mass roll-out of EVs onto the distribution grid.