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Air qualità control

Air quality is crucial for the protection of public health. Many industrial activities release pollutants into the atmosphere, whose impact on air quality must be constantly evaluated and monitored. In the same way, public bodies and companies have a duty to guarantee healthy working environments. These obligations are often regulated by state laws and by the specific requirements of control bodies (i.e. ISPRA, ARPA).

CESI offers support in planning and executing outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring to companies and public bodies, including:

  • Writing monitoring plans for air quality monitoring (dust, particulate matter, pollutants)
  • Writing environmental monitoring plans for monitoring indoor air quality
  • Writing monitoring plans, supply software to manage LDAR Programs
  • Monitoring:
    • Dust depositions and organic and inorganic pollutants
    • Particulate matter and organic and inorganic pollutants
    • Sampling for ambient concentrations of pollutants, including SOV, PCB dl, IPA, NH3
    • Dust monitoring of construction sites
    • Leak detection along drainage lines with pressurized fluids
    • Climatic weather parameters
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