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The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is introducing new challenges in terms of managing transmission and distribution networks while guaranteeing the security and resilience of the system: the generation mix is undergoing an evolution (in some cases a revolution), with more distributed generation coming onto the system, more alternative energy storage capacity being added, and system inertia being reduced, at the same time as interconnections between countries are enhanced and power markets become more integrated.

Over the years CESI has developed a unique and extremely specialized portfolio of services to help power networks work to their maximum potential. These include :

  • Transmission network studies to optimize operational procedures
  • Analysis of operational procedures and gap analysis in line with international best practices
  • Designing remedial action plans in the event of severe accidents (defense plans and special protection systems)
  • Restoration procedures for total or partial blackouts and onsite tests
  • Blackout/outage reconstruction
  • Protection co-ordination studies
  • Implementation of power network simulations for both transmission and distribution networks
  • Models and algorithms, with machine learning, data analytics and data driven methodologies for operational planning and real-time operation
  • Specialized software for supervision and control, management and maintenance of power transmission assets
  • Optimization of grid topology to reduce losses and operational costs, while increasing reliability indexes
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