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Renewables & Green Hydrogen


Solar PV is one of the most mature, commercially competitive and fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. Its cumulative installed capacity will rise to 8,519 GW by 2050, becoming the second biggest renewable energy source after wind.

The challenges for grid-connected and stand-alone PV plants range from the availability of reliable energy yield assessments, sustainable design and optimization of system size and layout to possible interface with storage systems, module maintenance and disposal, as well as civil engineering and mechanical aspects linked to erection and installation. In addition, the widespread addition of unpredictable energy sources such as solar on the grid will have a significant impact, both on the operation of the electricity network and on conventional power plants.

CESI can help throughout the entire development of a PV project, ranging from large utility-scale solar parks to rooftop solar installations, covering all state-of-art technologies, by providing:

  • Planning and operational studies
  • RES maximum penetration studies
  • Technical due diligence
  • Grid connection studies
  • Regulatory and market studies
  • Power plant performance assessments
  • Technical specification and procurement assistance
  • Design review
  • Construction and commissioning supervision
  • Asset management and maintenance optimization
  • Grid code compliance
  • Environmental studies and permitting
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