We first adopted a Code of Ethics in 2002 and updated it in 2009 to bring it into line with the latest regulations and the evolution of best practice. The Code defines the principles and values that inspire the entire company, including:

  • We respect the laws of the countries in which we operate
  • We do not tolerate unlawful and improper conduct
  • We operate with transparency and loyalty
  • We seek out excellent and competitive products and services on the market
  • We respect, protect and nurture human resources
  • We promote sustainable development and respect safety and the environment.

The Code of Ethics defines the ethical responsibilities of every part of the company. It outlines the ethical and social responsibilities of directors, auditors, proxies, employees, collaborators, partners, agents, consultants, professionals, suppliers and any person operating in the name of, and/or on behalf of, CESI to conduct themselves properly and responsibly towards all stakeholders.



KEMA Generators Code