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In this section you will find videos about our company, services and all the other activities carried on by our Group. Each video is accompanied by a brief description. Enjoy!
CESI Corporate video long version
CESI is the world-leading technical consulting and engineering company in the field of technology and innovation for the electric power sector. We work hand in hand with our worldwide clients to shape the future of electricity through innovative and ad-hoc solutions.
CESI Corporate video short version
CESI is the world leading Testing, Consulting and Engineering Group in the power sector.
KEMA Labs video
KEMA Labs is the CESI’s world-leading Division for Testing, Inspections & Certification, the keys to your energy business.
KEMA Labs – Remote L@b service
In this video you can see how KEMA Labs, the CESI Division world-leading for Testing, Inspections & Certification, implemented and offers new services for testing products by remote through Augmented Reality devices.