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Civil and Infrastructure Engineering is a field that encompasses competences such as geology, geotechnics, hydraulics, structural engineering and construction management.

Civil engineering supports human activity and safety in sectors such as infrastructure, electric power generation and transmission, oil and gas, seismic and hydrogeological risk management, transport and urban communities.

ISMES, CESI’s specialist civil engineering company, has a wide range of expertise at its disposal to support customers through every stage of their civil engineering projects: from feasibility studies up to final and detailed design; from structural and safety assessments to front end engineering design, construction supervision, asset management and monitoring.

The range of services provided by ISMES includes:

  • Design of geotechnical investigations tailored to the geological and geotechnical conditions of the site
  • Hydrogeological risk assessment
  • Hydraulic risk assessment
  • Structural analysis and design of new or existing structures
  • Seismic risk assessment of existing structures
  • Design of monitoring systems for structural or geological purposes (e.g. monitoring of buildings, bridges or landslides)
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Design of mitigation measures for hydrogeological, hydraulic and seismic risk
  • Supervision of construction sites
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