CESI has 30 years’ experience in the research, development and production of high efficiency solar cells   for space applications and is one of the top global suppliers of multi-junction cells using material such as GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) and InGaP (Indium Gallium Phosphide).

Our standard triple junction space cells (InGaP/InGaAs/Ge) are state of the art with a typical efficiency of 30%. They are qualified for both Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites according to standard ECSS E ST20-08C (see datasheet CTJ-30 below). We continuously seek to make our cells more efficient and our research suggests we will be able to produce four junction cells with space efficiencies beyond 35%.

We have added to our space product portfolio by investing in new products:

  • Low Cost Triple junction solar cells, fully qualified for LEO and GEO missions – (see datasheet CTJ-LC below) : These cells are suitable for the new mini/micro/cube satellite macro-constellation emerging market, where cost is key. CESI is the only manufacturer selling this class of product  
  • Thin Triple junction solar cells fully qualified for LEO missions (see datasheet CTJ30-Thin below): these cells are aimed at New Generation Array (NGA) designs that require flexibility and light weight.

 We make space solar cells at our facilities in Milan using our proprietary technology. We offer a range of sizes up to Large Area , either asbare cells or Solar Cell Assembly (SCA; also known as Cell-Interconnect-Coverglass (CIC)) .

We can combine all the above product features to manufacture and supply space solar cell products fine-tuned to the requirements of any space program. CESI has made more than 200,000 solar cells that have powered more than 70 civil satellites for clients from over 25 different countries.

CESI has developed close and lasting links with international space agencies and actors around the world. Our investments in research in this field have been supported by funding from the Italian National Space Agency (ASI) and the European Space Agency (ESA). CESI is well regarded for its expertise in the development and manufacturing of advanced and proven space solar cells within the ESA European space program frames. Additionally CESI has contributed to many interplanetary missions (e.g. to Mercury, Mars and Jupiter).

For more information, please contact us at  solar@cesi.it

Datasheet CTJ-30

Datasheet CTJ-LC

Datasheet CTJ30-Thin