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Submarine cables

  • Design and application of plans to assess the quality of sediments that can be moved during cable-laying and sharing with the relevant authorities, based on current legislation
  • Identification of national regulatory references, regional guidelines and site-specific indicators for verifying sediment quality
  • Preparation of the installation report pursuant to Ministerial Decree 24/1/1996 and associated monitoring plans (pre, during and post installation) and support in all permitting processes
  • Preparation, if required, of the Posidonia Oceanica transplantation plan and related long-term monitoring
  • Detailed design of cable landings in sensitive and vulnerable areas
  • Desktop study of marine cable-laying routes and related landings
  • Project evaluation and technical supervision, both on site and remotely, of all project phases (marine preliminary, detailed survey)
  • 3D numerical simulation of the fine sediment release during the marine cables laying
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