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Continuous emission monitoring

Power plants need regular emission monitoring, in order to verify that they comply with emission limits set by the relevant environmental agencies. With our deep experience in the emission monitoring sector, CESI can monitor gas flue emissions of power plants. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Annual surveillance test (AST) and second quality assurance level (QAL2) procedures on your automatic monitoring system (AMS), with our certified reference measuring systems, according to European standards EN 14181:2015
  • Application of standard reference methods to sample and analyze different parameters (dust, gas flow, O2, CO, NOx, SO2, NH3)
  • DeNOx, DeSOx and testing of electrostatic precipitator performance and functionality
  • assistance on plant certifications for flue gas emissions
  • assistance in meetings between plant manager and environmental authorities, support with drafting revisions of environmental plant procedures
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