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Operation Optimization

Grid code compliance

As the power system decarbonizes, balancing services will have to evolve as well, starting with frequency and voltage control. Every power plant must prove its compliance to the grid code requirements, running specific tests when it is commissioned and upgraded and on a regular basis thereafter.

With our deep experience of grid code requirements and testing of generating units, CESI can help power plant operators comply with grid codes by:

  • Analyzing the grid code to define power plant requirements
  • Defining grid code-compliant test procedures
  • Organizing tests
  • Providing the required instrumentation for performing tests
  • Performing tests with the support of power plant operators and controllers
  • Analyzing test results to assess generating unit behavior
  • Issuing test reports evaluating compliance to grid code requirements
  • Helping operators to design remedial actions in case of non-compliance to the grid code
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