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Power generation plants

Building power plants and running them sustainably requires detailed monitoring campaigns to assess the  health of the main environmental indicators. CESI has the experience and skills necessary to investigate the various environmental sectors affected in the different stages of the life cycle of generation plants.

Hydroelectric plants:

  • Determination of chemical, biological (macroinvertebrates, diatoms, macrophytes, phytoplankton) and morphological quality indices in surface water bodies
  • Planning and executing survey campaigns to define the quality of potted waters and sediments deposited in the basin
  • Design and execution of monitoring plans to assess the impact of releasing water and sediments from the discharges of the dams on water bodies
  • Design and execution of monitoring plans for evaluating the optimal ecological flow
  • Flow measurements
  • Morphobatimetric surveys
  • Territorial analysis of guidelines for basin management to reduce reservoir siltation and estimated costs of associated operations.

Thermoelectric plants

  • Design and execution of marine monitoring plans for verifying thermal discharge impact on water, planktonic and macrobenthic communities and seagrass meadows
  • study of bioaccumulation in mussels (Mussel Watch program) and fish
  • study of biomarkers through evaluation changes in enzymatic system in mussels and fish

Offshore wind plants (cable connection)

  • Design and application of plans to assess the quality of sediments that can be moved during cable-laying and sharing with relevant authorities, based on current legislation
  • Identification of national regulatory references, regional guidelines and site-specific indicators for verifying sediment quality
  • Preparation of the installation report pursuant to Ministerial Decree 24/1/1996 and associated monitoring plans (pre, during and post installation) and support in all permitting processes
  • Preparation, if required, of the Posidonia Oceanica transplantation plan and related long-term monitoring
  • Detailed design of cable landings in sensitive and vulnerable areas
  • Desktop study of marine cable-laying routes and related landings
  • Project evaluation and technical supervision, both on site and remotely, of all project phases (marine preliminary, detailed survey)
  • 3D numerical simulation of the fine sediment release during marine cable-laying
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