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Waste & Wastewater


The scarcity and the unequal worldwide distribution of water reserves makes it extremely important that industrial processes use water as efficiently as possible.

Power generation companies are committed to reducing water withdrawals from valuable sources and increasing the recovery of wastewater. CESI can help by providing the following services:

  • Production and chemical treatment of process water according to the best available technology
  • Process water production technologies from untreated water sources
  • Design of zero liquid discharge water systems
  • Reclamation and recovery of wastewater for internal uses. In recent years we have supported a power plant located in an arid region in completing a wastewater recovery project, with the recovered water being used for irrigation
  • Development of treatment processes to remove specific pollutants and recover water in line with current regulations
  • Onsite chemical monitoring of water streams. In recent years we have monitored the cooling water of the auxiliary services of a combined cycle power plant, fed with condensate recovered from boiler water, in order to verify its suitability for use.
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