Synthetic testing laboratories

KEMA Labs has been a pioneer in developing synthetic test methods. Our Laboratories has achieved the most powerful short circuit and synthetic test capabilities ever in our independent testing and certification laboratory , which can short-circuit test 1,200 kV power equipment, with the highest short circuit power of up to 15,000 MVA.

Reaching the high short circuit powers that are achieved in actual transmission networks is only possible using a synthetic test method with the right combination of two different circuits that individually each have a relatively low power.

Tests and Ratings:

  • Single phase short circuit testing (terminal fault, short line fault tests and out of phase tests)
  • Three phase synthetic short circuit tests
  • Capacitive switching tests (line charging, cable charging, single and back-to-back capacitor bank)
  • Reactor and small inductive current switching tests (direct testing method)
  • Short circuit test on generator circuit breaker

Products and Standards