All electrical equipment, such as generators, dividers, transformers and energy meters, requires periodic calibration. Our accredited calibration laboratories provide traceability of measurements to national standards.

Energy meter manufacturers wishing to sell their products in Europe can turn to Kema Labs for assistance. According to the new European directive on measurement instruments, MID, the approval of the instruments is no longer exclusive to national bodies. Kema Labs is one of the Notified Bodies authorised to grant certificates that are valid for the whole of the European Union.
The MID directive specifies the criteria that measurement instruments such as electricity, gas and water meters must meet according to international standards.

For energy meter calibration and certification, we can demonstrate:

  • Hundreds of electricity meters type tested
  • Accreditations for calibration and testing (ISO17025 and 17020, Notified Body)
  • Statistical quality system for nearly 8 million residential meters (dating back to 1928)
  • Quality control of industrial metering installations
  • Hundreds of onsite calibrations of electricity meters all over the world
  • Hundreds of investigations into electricity meter disputes, leading to detailed insight into specific problems
  • Expert witness in legal cases of disputes
  • Calibration of (portable) test equipment
  • Failure mode assessments of electricity meters, a/o:
  • Dutch Smart Meter Requirements (DSMR)
  • SEC requirements
  • Anti-tampering requirements

Unfortunately, we regularly find that fake reports and certificates are used in tenders, displaying fake Kema Labs logos.
If you have any doubt or if you need further information, please check out our certification list

Tests Ratings
HV dielectric tests (IEC 60060-2) up to ± 1800 kV DC
up to 1500 kV AC
up to ± 2700 kV LI
up to ± 900 kV chopped LI
up to ± 1700 kV SI
LV dielectric tests (IEC 60060-2) up to ±1000 kV DC/LI/SI
up to 1000 kV AC
up to ±770 kV chopped LI
High current tests (IEC 62475) up to 40 kA AC; continuous current
up to 140 kA AC; short time current
up to 8 kA impulse current 8/20 µs
up to 100 A (DC … 100 kHz)
Partial discharge (IEC 60270) Type tests, performance tests and checks of PD-measurement equipment