Corruption is unfortunately widespread around the world. Through the undue advantage gained by those who unlawfully abuse their position or powers, corruption causes serious damage to the community, harming free competition, limiting innovation, and reducing economic development.

Due to its unlawful nature and the damage it causes, corruption is severely punished in all countries. At international level, the fight against corruption is based on common uniform principles laid down in national laws that seek to achieve the common goal of repressing any form of corruption in business activity, whether it involves public officers or private parties. These laws may provide for severe sanctions, in the form of fines or imprisonment, that can also be imposed on companies, as well as leading to severe reputational damage.

For these reasons, when carrying out their work, all CESI Group personnel (hereinafter CESI) must be committed to the fight against corruption and to

the creation of a zero-tolerance culture when it comes to corruption.

In CESI, any form of corruption (active or passive), whether direct or indirect, committed in respect of a public officer or a private party, is strictly forbidden.

The anti-corruption guidelines are here available in order to provide the CESI Group anti-corruption policy in an understandable way.