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Industrial Plants

CESI has decades of experience working in industrial plants on environmental, safety, business continuity and energy issues. While environmental and safety regulations are determined by national and/or regional legislation, business continuity and optimization of energy costs are key factors in a company’s competitiveness. The efficient operation of production plants is strictly dependent on the reliability of heat and power generation plants.

CESI’s commitment is to design technical solutions for these complex scenarios, concerning internal power sources, load management and grid connections .

CESI can provide an integrated mix of studies aimed at defining the best settings for protective devices, in order to minimize impacts, avoid environmental issues and to  ensure the correct procedures are followed during events such as electromechanical transients arising from electrical system faults or when operating in island mode.

CESI can provide the following services:

  • Planning studies and operational studies
  • Protection setting and co-ordination
  • Technical specification and procurement assistance
  • Design review
  • Construction and commissioning supervision
  • Asset management and maintenance optimization
  • Environmental studies and permitting
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