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Monitoring architecture & design

ISMES provides integrated monitoring systems services, from defining the required quantities for measuring the relevant phenomenon, to the architecture most suited to the gathering of data and support in analyzing and interpreting the  data.

The monitoring systems that ISMES designs and installs combine traditional technology such as instruments for measuring displacement, deformation, pressure and force and meteorological information with innovative technology such as GPS, GNSS, photo detection, automatic topographical surveys and fiber optic instruments.

ISMES developed the ComMon Suite, a monitoring system that allows all the data gathered on a particular project from a range of sources to be managed through a single interface. It can program and vary the frequency of data acquisition, convert from electrical measurements into physical quantities, and process data according to the user’s own conversion formulas.

It also allows real-time analysis of the data to automatically provide information on the state of the structure and notify the operator if something is wrong. The operator can also perform an in-depth analysis of the data in the system.

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