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Electromagnetic fields

CESI provides consultancy on occupational health and safety related to electromagnetic fields. We assess the exposure of workers and the public to EMF through measurement and modelling.

We design mitigation studies, including shielding and other technical actions that can reduce low frequency fields. We assess electrical and magnetic fields with 2D and 3D calculation models.

CESI experts comply with the following technical standard development boards:  CIGRE, CIRED, IEC, CENELEC, CEI.

Our EMF services include:

  • Assessment of electromagnetic interference
  • Evaluation of induced currents on metallic structures (power lines, pipelines, telecommunication lines), calculation of magnetic fields, identification and assessment of mitigating actions
  • Assessment of worker exposure to low and high frequency EMF
  • Onsite measurements of environmental levels (pre- and post-construction)
  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation actions
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