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HVDC Infrastructures

The number of interconnections between power networks in different countries, or inside a single country with wide geographical spread, is growing, highlighting the need for high voltage direct current (hvdc) technologies, which can carry power over long distances, undersea if necessary and enable the linking of asynchronous networks .

CESI is one of the few consultants with extensive HVDC experience, having participated in more than 40 HVDC consultancy projects globally, covering more than 30,000km of overhead lines, 7,000km of submarine cable and 50GW of installed capacity.

We have experience of dealing with Line Commutated Converter (LCC), a mature technology with the highest power rating, as well as Voltage Source Converter (VSC), a recently introduced technology that operates well in weak AC systems (e.g. offshore platforms) and is suitable for multi-terminal HVDC systems, the DC grids of the future.

CESI can support clients throughout the entire lifecycle of HVDC infrastructure, from early-stage feasibility to Owner’s Engineering support during procurement, construction and commissioning, including:

  • Planning studies
  • Operational studies
  • Regulatory and Market studies
  • Technical specification and procurement assistance
  • Environmental and social impact studies and permitting
  • Design review
  • Construction and commissioning supervision
  • Asset management and maintenance optimization
  • Grid code compliance
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