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Natural hazards

River flooding

In recent years, climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of flooding events. The built environment and, therefore, civil engineering must deal with such events and put in place solutions to mitigate their destructive effects on existing structures.

ISMES offers the following services:

  • Analysis for existing constructions at different complexity levels
  • Qualitative analysis, from documents and in-situ surveys (flood discharge design, bridge-stream interferences, erosion rates)
  • Detailed qualitative analysis, from documents and in-situ surveys, supplemented by rough quantitative judgments (1D hydrodynamic models, empirical erosion estimates)
  • Quantitative analysis, through 2D hydrodynamic movable-bed models around bridges combined with 1D models for remaining stream, undermining and erosion assessments 
  • 2D and 3D numerical analyses and/or experimental physical scale models for new hydraulic construction design

For bridges across rivers the following analyses are carried out: 

  • 2D hydraulic modelling of the river transect
  • Calculation of the expected undermining of piers and abutments
  • Assessment of bridge armor stone, for the protection of piers and abutments against wave erosion
  • Erosion of the fluvial bed sediments
  • Assessment of the structural and geotechnical stability of the bridge
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