KEMA labs is always committed to ensure the maximum support to manufacturers and utilities to achieve the goal of a resilient network by performing the top-quality type testing on T&D equipment according to global standards and customer specifications.

In the current “new normal” times, we are committed to offer even more cutting edge services that allows you to conduct testing campaigns without moving from wherever you are , saving budgets, and taking care of your employees’ health and safety. The new revolutionary Remote L@b experience:

  • Local assembling of the test objects by qualified experts remotely guided by the clients’ engineers
  • Test Execution with real-time data shared
  • Qualified experts fully available to support in case of unexpected tasks

This new testing solution enables quality control and business continuity by collaborating closely between the KEMA Labs, utilities, and the manufacturer without compromising on quality .

The most important factor is the high technical level of knowledge (competence in type testing). Another key factor is to rely on STL that provides a proof from a qualified laboratory.

Utilities demanding the highest level of quality should look for fully independent laboratories to be guaranteed on true third-party independence.

Remote testing offers a set of advantages and allows quality control and business continuity . It enables flexibility like involving experts from remote places or on short notice. It increases efficiency and reduces time by avoiding traveling around the world. Augmented reality , digitalization, remote assistance, and online video tools become part of a new way for testing . Trust and mutual understanding are the key to make remote testing successful and KEMA labs is the right place to be .

If you wish to catch a glimpse at remote service, please click on the following  link  to watch the video about Remote L@b Video