Power transformers are key components in power production, transmission and distribution, interconnecting systems that have different rated voltages, from power plants to final users .

KEMA LABS tests power and distribution transformers up to the highest power and highest voltage ratings in use today. We test transformers to standards such as IEC 60076 (oil-filled), IEC 60076-11 (cast resin) and ANSI C57.12.

KEMA LABS can perform complete type tests at our high power and high voltage laboratories, which are set up to deliver enough power for the most rigorous short-time current tests that customers need.
We can even test the largest transformers in situ, on the barges on which they will travel to their installation sites.

Capabilities and ratings
Power transformers

  • three-phase and single-phase
  • special application transformers e.g. railways at 25 or 16 2/3 Hz
  • rated power above 2,500 kVA
  • Oil-filled or cast resin
  • Set-up transformers for wind turbine generator installations
  • All other special transformers on request


Oil-immersed power transformers

  • IEC 60076-1, IEC 60076-2, IEC 60076-3, IEC 60076-5, IEC 60076-10

Dry-type power transformers

  • IEC 60076-11

Instrument transformers

  • IEC 60044-1, IEC 60044-2, IEC 60044-3, IEC 60044-5, IEC 60044-7,
  • IEC 61869-1 -2 -3 -5

Further tests according to national standards and specific customer requirements are also available on request.