International Standards provide instructions, guidelines, rules, or definitions that are then used to design, manufacture, install, test & certify, maintain, and repair devices and systems. They are essential for quality and risk management; they help researchers to understand the value of innovation and allow manufacturers to produce products of consistent quality and performance.

International standards also form the basis for testing and certification to achieve a harmonized and acceptable level of the quality of products that are procured and installed in the systems.

In this regard, KEMA Labs is actively involved in the process of the development of the IEC and IEEE standards deputing technical experts as members and convenors to the various working Groups and Maintenance Teams through respective National, Committees to share their experience and contribute to the development of KEMA Labs is making a significant contribution to the world of Standards. Being at the forefront of such development also enables KEMA Labs access to the state of art technologies and helps to develop its test facilities to match the needs of the latest requirements of the Standards.

Below, you can find some of the main Standards that have been updated in the recent 1-2 years.

IEC 62271-103 revised in 2021 – Alternating current switches for rated voltages up to and including 52 kV

The standard for alternating current switches IEC 62271-103 has been updated to align with other related product standards (for example IEC 62271-102 for earthing switches/disconnectors) for the kinematic chain and test on the position indicating device, making tests more uniform and have more clear acceptance criteria for the test [read more].

IEC 62271-200 revised in 2021 – Alternating current disconnectors and earthing switches

The internal arc test on pole-mounted equipment is taken out of IEC 62271-200 and is now covered by the specific standard IEC 62271-214:2019. KEMA Labs already performed tests in accordance with this new standard [read more].

IEEE C57.164:2021 – Guide for establishing Short-Circuit Withstand Capabilities of Power Transformers, Regulators, and Reactors

This IEEE Guide describes the ways to establish the capabilities for withstanding short-circuit currents resulting from external short-circuit faults [read more].

Other standards and updates

New editions of the standards for Generator Circuit Breakers, IEC 62271-37-013, and A.C. Circuit-breakers IEC 62271-100 were released in 2021.

In IEC 62271-101 testing methods for synthetic testing of high voltage circuit-breakers are described. KEMA Labs complies with the requirements of testing according to this latest edition (2021) of the standard.

In April 2022, a new edition has been issued of the standard IEC 62067 (Edition 3) for testing of A.C. Power Cables and their Accessories for rated voltages above 150 kV. In this new edition, some additional tests are introduced as well as some changes in the procedure for existing tests.

KEMA Labs considers that it is an important part of our business activities to continue to support technical committees of international standards and keep customers and end-users informed of the developments to Standards. The aim is to keep the readers updated on such developments also in the future, at intervals.