This IEEE Guide describes the ways to establish the capabilities for withstanding short-circuit currents resulting from external short-circuit faults. The procedures described in this document are always based on the results of actual short-circuit tested transformers, being used directly as reference or the evaluated short-circuit stresses during such tests.

Other standards and updates

New editions of the standards for Generator Circuit Breakers, IEC 62271-37-013 and A.C. Circuit-breakers IEC 62271-100 were released in 2021.

In IEC 62271-101 testing methods for synthetic testing of high voltage circuit-breakers are described. KEMA Labs complies with the requirements of testing according to this latest edition (2021) of the standard.

In April 2022, a new edition has been issued of the standard IEC 62067 (Edition 3) for testing of A.C. Power Cables and their Accessories for rated voltages above 150 kV. In this new edition, some additional tests are introduced as well as some changes in the procedure for existing tests.

KEMA Labs considers that it is an important part of our business activities to continue to support technical committees of international standards and keep customers and end-users informed of the developments to Standards. The aim is to keep the readers updated on such developments also in the future, at intervals.