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Testing & Inspections

Tests on construction materials

ISTEDIL, the ISMES’ specialized laboratory for construction materials, provide technical assistance and quality control for:

  • Fresh concrete samples
  • Consistency Tests
  • Tests on aggregates
  • Analysis on waters to be used for mixing
  • Supply and management of worksite laboratories
  • Acoustic tests
  • Thermal tests
  • Thermal transmittal tests on doors and windows using the hot room method, hot box (UNI EN 12567-1 e UNI EN 12412-2)
  • Thermal transmittal tests on doors and windows and profile with numerical methods (UNI EN 10077-1 e UNI EN 10077-2)
  • Thermographic tests

Analysis of:

  • Water
  • Air and hydraulic binders, mortar and concrete
  • Aggregates for mortar and concrete
  • Rocks
  • Additive and expansive agents for cement mixes
  • Steel materials
  • Clays, ceramic products, fire-resistant agents, glasses
  • Paintings, plastic materials and resins
  • Wood
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