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Waste & Wastewater

Waste from Power generation

Waste management is an ongoing concern in all production sectors because of companies’ increased environmental awareness and the transition to a circular economy. The power sector is carrying out various initiatives to improve its waste recovery and needs specialist support. CESI can provide this support across the whole waste management cycle, from production to final recovery.

  • Waste classification according to Italian legislation, verification of landfill acceptability and recovery options. In 2021, we analysed and classified more than 30 production residues and maintenance waste materials produced by thermal power plants. Sampling performed in accordance with the international standards guarantees its accuracy
  • Application of the CLP directive on the labelling, handling and storage of waste. In 2021, we reviewed the entire waste production of an Italian electricity distribution company
  • Application of the ADR agreement on the transport of hazardous waste produced in thermal power plants, including classification, packaging procedures, preparation of transport documentation, package labelling, vehicle placarding and orange-coloured plate marking. We carried out more than 40 such operations for two Italian thermal power plants in 2021
  • Testing to determine the biomass content in waste-derived fuels by 14C liquid scintillation. In 2021 we analysed more than 60 samples for biomass content. The same method has been applied to stack emission sampled on quick lime. We analysed more than 30 samples in 2021. The analytical parameters for calculating energy production from renewable sources also include calorific value, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur and chlorine.
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