The increasing global demand for electricity in both industrialized and emerging markets is driving demand for cables systems. We carry out type tests to verify the design of LV, MV and HV cables and their accessories.

Type testing allows you to prove that your cables and cable accessories meet the highest quality standards to deliver reliable service over many years. To demonstrate the reliability of cables for long-term use, we also perform prequalification testing of HV cable systems.

KEMA Labs are the leading independent testing hallmarks and deliver a wide range of testing services for land, submarine AC and HVDC cables and accessories.

Tests and ratings:

  • Type test on land cables (up to 500 kV)
  • Type test on submarine cables (single and three phase current testing)
  • Prequalification test on land and submarine cables (all voltage ranges)
  • Short circuit test on cables and accessories (no current limitations)
  • Pollution test on cable terminations
  • Mechanical, material properties and other special tests on cable accessories.