Our independent physical verification of LV panels is 100% based on testing, covering mechanical, dielectric, short circuit and temperature rise effects. It verifies all the normal and fault conditions your panel will experience in real-world operation. We carry out low voltage tests on panels in our own labs against the IEC 61439-1 international standard at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz for global coverage, ensuring complete transparency.

We have recently developed tests for battery pack protection systems, battery management systems and fuse-contactors used in electric vehicles, to support our customers in the growing market for electric vehicles, where safety and reliability are constantly in the spotlight.

KEMA  LABS tests LV components to internationally recognized standards. Further tests according to national standards and specific customer requirements are available on request.

Products and Standards:

  • LV switchgear assemblies and switching devices : IEC 60947, IEC 61439
  • LV fuses: IEC 60269
  • Railway applications: IEC 60077, IEC 60332, IEC 61992, IEC 62589, IEC 62590
  • Semiconductor convertors: IEC 60146
  • LV surge protection devices: IEC 61643
  • Battery management systems and pyro switches

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