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Remediation project

Over the last 20 years, CESI has developed significant experience in soil and groundwater environmental remediation at industrial sites, in Italy and around the world.

CESI designs remediation interventions at every stage of the project (from feasibility to execution. Our approach embraces innovation and sustainability in the choice of remediation technology and includes the following services:

  • Evaluation of the available market technologies, their costs and benefits
  • Identification of innovative technologies and their applicability
  • Cost-benefit evaluation of new technologies and comparison with market technologies
  • Ranking of potential remediation solutions using appropriate decision support systems and multi-criteria analysis (for example, EPA screening matrix). The ranking considers:
  • Potential to improve the site
  • Ensuring the efficiency of the remediation process
  • Reducing the environmental impact and the ecological footprint of remediation interventions
  • Improving technological innovation
  • Lab testing the performance of the relevant remediation technology or product, checking the effect of technology application parameters and optimizing the remediation process in order to create site-customized solutions
  • Design and execution of full-scale pilot tests to check the optimal operational parameters (for example, chemicals dosage) before implementing full-scale remediation
  • Drafting remediation projects
  • Design of remediation interventions
  • Assisting clients with project approval, managing administrative aspects and co-ordinating interactions with public authorities
  • Support during the procurement phase (for example, drafting of technical specifications, technical evaluation of suppliers’ bids)
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