Today’s energy meter market is highly globalized, with manufacturers and users all over the world.
Smart meters are critical components for both Distribution System Operators and energy users. They must keep accurately track of the energy exchanged between the system operators and users. Smart meter shall be accurate, reliable, and stable in all conditions for all regions .

Energy Meter Certification

Within its KEMA Laboratories, CESI offers world-renowned, impartial type testing and certification of all kinds of electricity smart meters according to all relevant international standards.

Electricity smart meter technologies are an integral part of today’s interconnected world. Due to the implementation of such technologies, manufacturers and consumers alike are facing new and complex challenges, for which it is necessary to find the right partner.

In this respect, KEMA Labs is prepared to support its customers to navigate through such a complex new scenario. Our experts are able to evaluate energy meters and smart meters, analyzing their features – such as electronic measuring, wireless or remote reporting, and appliance controls – to help customers to create a safer and more optimized smart meter.

In addition, KEMA Labs is deeply involved with the creation of new standards for smart meter technology and actively contributes to energy meters implementation globally. Thanks to our services, KEMA Labs can bring safer energy meters to the market in the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way possible.

Type test of energy meter

Type test of energy meter

In our Smart Metering Laboratories, energy meters are type tested and certified against the relevant industry standards (ANSI, EN, IEC, OIML). KEMA Labs is notified body for the European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID 2014/32/EU).

Smart meters are tested and certified according to a range of international standards including:

  • IEC 62052-11; generic requirements, tests, and tests conditions
  • IEC 62052-31; product safety
  • IEC 62053-11/21/22/23/24; particular requirements
  • IEC 62054-21; Time switches
  • IEC 62055-31; particular requirements payment meters
  • IEC 62059-32-1; testing of the stability of metrological characteristics by applying elevated temperature
  • IEC 62059-41; reliability prediction
  • EN 50470-1/2/3; harmonized standards for generic and particular requirements
  • ANSI C12; Code for electricity metering
  • OIML R46; active electrical energy meters

Unfortunately, we find that sometimes fake reports and certificates are used in tenders, displaying KEMA Labs logos. In this respect, if you have any doubt or if you need further information, please check out our certification list .

Our ISO 17025 accreditation cover applicable tests for:

  • Metrological accuracy
  • Product safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Mechanic and climate effects including salt spray, weatherometer and rain testing
  • Durability and long-term stability tests
  • Source and load switch utilization testing
  • Timekeeping

Power line communication performance tests:

  • Transmission performance
  • Receiving sensitivity
  • Unintentional output noise
  • Excessive loading verification
  • System functionality

Environmental noise on LV networks in time and frequency domain

LV network impedance measurements versus frequency