Smart meters are critical assets for Distribution System Operators, which must keep track of the energy exchanged between system operators and end users.

In our Smart Metering Laboratories, in a space of less than 400 m2, we have created a test bench system with more than 2,000 electrical loads running simultaneously, including household appliances, lights, various electronic devices and typical industrial equipment, equivalent to a town of around 1,400 residents, to test how meters interact with real power loads.

Kema Labs tests the reliability of power line communications between 700 single-phase and 300 poly-phase smart meters used in distribution networks and homes, and we also have laboratories to test smart grid components.

Test and ratings:

Tests Ratings
PLT transceiver performance tests:
- Transmission performance
- Sensitivity in receiving
- Unintentional output noise
- Excessive loading verification
- System functionality (complex procedures)
No limitations
Environmental noise on LV network on time and frequency domain From 20kHz to 150kHz
LV network impedance measurement vs. frequency From 50kHz to 150kHz