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Conventional PP, Industrial & Oil&gas

Oil&Gas Infrastructures

CESI has developed a unique specialized service portfolio to support oil and gas companies in different areas, including:

  1. Market Studies / System Planning
  2. Local Distribution Network Optimization
  3. Power Plant Grid Connection and Operation
  1. Aspects to consider include interaction with local communities, plant requirements, the treatment of surplus gas and commitments to end gas flaring.
    Plans for future power plants must be agreed and developed jointly with local counterparts and stakeholders. Assessing local electrical and energy infrastructure and investment plans are crucial. CESI uses state of the art analytic methods and advanced modelling capacity to provide an overview of past and present demand, generation assets and the transmission grid.
  2. An internal grid is essential to ensure the reliability of oil and gas facilities and to ensure that they can continue operating in the event of internal or external faults or unexpected events. Staff safety and operational reliability are paramount. Electrical technical solutions must take into account the state of the plant, its economic viability and any potential future development. CESI offers a wide range of studies, from load flow and short circuit to transient stability, which help to define the appropriate technical solutions to secure the plant’s power supply.
  3. It is important to ensure that power plants are the right size and in the right place within oil and gas facilities. We have long experience of ensuring power plants are appropriately sited and connected in relation to the oil and gas facility’s requirements and the grid’s capabilities, including any potential bottlenecks. CESI can perform studies on managing priorities, load rejection, network stability and other issues such as operation in island mode. We use static and dynamic simulation and on-site tests to ensure the optimal power plant design and then we check that it performs as it should.
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