Electromagnetic waves are not seen but they are everywhere. From the 1960s onwards, the world’s militaries have had to test how different electronic devices interact with each other, and devices in everyday life now need to be tested as well.

Kema Labs is leader in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing for 40 years and plays host to a semi-anechoic chamber that was built in 1987 for military applications. Its chamber for civilian applications has an area of more than 400 m2 and can take a load of 13 tons, making it able to test the largest and heaviest objects.

We carry out tests for the automotive sector, using a large rotating table that allows us to test everything from buses and heavy trucks to earth-moving machinery. Recently, we added a new test facility for indirect lightning effect to enable us to test devices for the aviation sector.

Ratings and performance:

  • Electromagnetic field immunity tests
  • Conducted susceptibility tests – frequency domain
  • Conducted susceptibility tests – time domain
  • Insulation tests
  • Indirect lighting tests
  • Radiated Emission at minimum of 10m distance from the equipment under Test
  • Conducted Emission Tests – Frequency domain