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Empower your Energy Future

Our people are our strongest strategic asset and we recognize that we need to nurture and support them in order for our business to grow sustainably.

CESI Group is a dynamic place to work, where we use our depth of experience and expertise to help the international energy sector to evolve innovatively.

We look for candidates with:

  • A passion for what they do and the desire to use their expertise to help customers
  • A focus on customer needs and business opportunities
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team
  • A desire to travel around the world and the ability to build international networks
  • The ability to get the most out of international conferences and committees
  • Moral integrity to ensure the ethics of the business.

So, join our colleagues at CESI Group  for  an amazing professional experience and to enrich your skills working with us. We invite you to check our CESI Group job posting to find the more suitable for you! See you in CESI Group.

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