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Marine and hydropower sediment management

Tackling reservoir silting requires analysis at several levels:

  • Definition of the quantity and distribution of sediments through bathymetric and topographic surveys
    • Assessment of the chemical-physical quality of sediments (sampling and chemical-physical, microbiological and ecotoxicological analyses)
    • Definition of the removal interventions (flashing and mechanical removal) of the management methods of the sedimented material
    • Identification of prevention and mitigation actions to avoid and/or reduce the impact of these activities on environmental components
    • Definition of monitoring plans (biological, chemical-physical, morphological) for sediment removal activities

In marine areas where dredging interventions are planned, CESI can provide the following services:

  • Assessment of sediment quality in accordance with current legislation, through the design of the characterization plan
    • Application of the plan regarding the different types of surveys (remote operated vehicle seabed inspections, sediment sampling and assessment, side scan sonar surveys)
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