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Civil Engineering

Seismic & hydrogeological risk assessment

All of Italy is classified as seismically active, so every piece of infrastructure, both new and existing, has to deal with the risk of earthquakes.

ISMES has extensive experience in the seismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior of concrete (arch or gravity) dams and earth dams.

ISMES’ approach is as follows:

  • Definition of seismic activity
  • Definition of the geological conditions at the site (which could amplify seismic activity)
  • Seismic structural analysis and assessment of civil and industrial structures and infrastructure through Finite Element models
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Definition and design of static and seismic upgrade of analyzed structures

ISMES has evaluated numerous hydrogeological risks and assessed numerous key buildings and infrastructure (highways, bridges, electricity grid), whose failure and/or breakdown would result in severe social and economic losses.

The approach followed by ISMES is:

  • Definition of the site’s geological conditions
  • Analysis of Hydraulic, hydrological and hydrogeological conditions
  • Interaction between natural events (e.g., landslides) and structures
  • Vulnerability assessment using numerical models
  • Definition and design of mitigation measures for reducing and mitigating risk
  • Design, installation and management of monitoring systems to reduce risk
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