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Monitoraggio dighe e verifiche strutturali
Verifiche Strutturali, Idrogeologiche e sismiche
La società ISMES, del gruppo CESI, offre da oltre cinquant’anni servizi dedicati al settore idroelettrico, occupandosi del monitoraggio e delle verifiche strutturali, idrogeologiche e sismiche di diverse tipologie strutture quali: centrali idroelettriche con serbatoi, dighe, sbarramenti, canali, gallerie, pozzi, condotte forzate e centrali elettriche ad accumulo di pompaggio. CESI offre ogni servizio necessario alla verifica […]
Monitoraggio dighe e verifiche strutturali
Le dighe sono opere essenziali per lo sviluppo di un paese, sia per la produzione di energia elettrica sia per lo sviluppo dell’agricoltura, grazie all’utilizzo dello sbarramento come bacino di accumulo di acqua per consentirne lo sfruttamento per l’irrigazione. Dighe e Bacini idrici – Centrali ad acqua fluente Esistono varie tipologie di dighe, realizzate con […]
Servizi di consulenza
Studi strutturali di Ingegneria Civile
ISMES, società appartenente al Gruppo CESI, dispone di un pool di tecnici con una lunga esperienza nell’analisi strutturale nel campo dell’ingegneria civile. Le nostre competenze ci permettono di studiare e supervisionare il comportamento e la sicurezza delle infrastrutture (impianti, manufatti civili, opere d’arte viarie, monumenti storici). Studi strutturali di ingegneria civile, dighe e sistemi di monitoraggio […]
Natural hazards
Seismic risk
All of Italy is classified as seismically active. Therefore, every piece of infrastructure, new and existing, has to deal with seismic risk. ISMES has extensive experience in se ismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior of concrete (arch […]
Natural hazards
River flooding
In recent years, climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of flooding events. The built environment and, therefore, civil engineering must deal with such events and put in place solutions to mitigate their destructive effects on existing structures. ISMES offers the following services: For bridges across rivers the following analyses are carried out: 
Civil Infrastructure
ISMES has extensive expertise in the seismic analysis of buildings. We analyze existing structures to increase their performance under seismic loads, looking at:
Civil Infrastructure
Cultural Heritage
ISMES, CESI’s civil engineering company, has decades of experience in structural diagnostics and monitoring of cultural heritage and historical buildings protection, having developed more than 200 projects on the most important sites in Italy (e.g. the leaning tower of Pisa, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud), and internationally (e.g. The Temple of […]
Civil Infrastructure
Transport Infrastructure
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering is a field that encompasses competences such as geology, geotechnics, hydraulics, structural engineering and construction management. Civil engineering supports human activity and safety in sectors such as infrastructure, electric power generation and transmission, oil and gas, seismic and hydrogeological risk management, transport and urban communities. ISMES, CESI’s specialist civil engineering company, […]
Water Infrastructure
Dam Monitoring and Dam Inspections
Hydropower is a type of renewable energy derived from flowing water. There are two different types of hydropower plant – those with dams and reservoirs, or ‘run of river’ systems. Hydropower dams with large reservoirs can store water over short or long periods to meet peak demand. Run of river facilities produce power at a smaller […]
Testing & Inspections
Inspections and investigations on buildings and existing structures
ISTEDIL, the ISMES’ specialized laboratory for construction materials, can perform tests on existing structures such as: ISTEDIL carries out load tests on:
Civil Engineering
Seismic & hydrogeological risk assessment
All of Italy is classified as seismically active, so every piece of infrastructure, both new and existing, has to deal with the risk of earthquakes. ISMES has extensive experience in the seismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior […]
Infrastrutture Civili
Infrastrutture di trasporto Le infrastrutture di trasporto rivestono un ruolo strategico per lo sviluppo e la crescita economica di ogni paese, permettendo lo spostamento e lo scambio sia di merci sia di persone fra regioni e paesi limitrofi. In Italia la maggior parte di queste opere sono state sviluppate a partire dal secondo dopoguerra. A […]
Testing Labs
Seismic & Vibration Test Laboratories
If you want to simulate an earthquake, the vibrations experienced by an automotive component on the road, the vibration of a transformer installed on the top of a wind turbine or other heavy vibration stresses, you need Kema Labs MASTER (Multi-Axis Shaking Table for Earthquake Reproduction), one of the few 4000 x 4000 mm six-degree-of-freedom […]
​Milan, June 7, 2019 – CESI recently won a contract to support National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP)in implementing the Mindanao-Visayas Interconnection Project (MVIP). CESI will help NGCP conduct system studies, engineering, design verifications, testing, installation and commissioning of all the equipment, material and services required to render the HVDC converter stations at Dumanjug […]
EJ: July’s issue is now available
​This issue of CESI’s Energy Journal focuses on Europe for two reasons. First,  we want to celebrate a continent that is hosting two of the most significant events of 2015: the Universal Expo in Milan and the COP21 in Paris. Second, we want to focus our attention on the reform of energy markets at European […]
Hydrogeological instability Conference
On March 31st, CESI organized and coordinated a Conference on “Hydrogeology and environment: management, prevention and safeguard’s best practices” in cooperation with #ItaliaSicura – the Italian Government’s Institution responsible for managing the hydrogeological instability – at Sala Gianfranco Imperatori of Associazione Civita, in Rome. The Conference hosted several technical speeches and two different roundtables, with […]
CESI monitoring system of Leonardo’s Last Supper
​Structural monitoring system of the Leonardo’s ‘’Last supper’’ wall – Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie – Milan, Italy 25 Jan 2012, 19 and 20 May 2012, earthquakes measuring from 4.9 to 5.9 magnitude (Richter scale) shook Northern Italy from Turin to Venice and particularly Milan. The Automatic Monitoring System (AMS) of Leonardo’s ‘’The Last Supper’’ allowed the […]
First CEN TC 189 meetings chaired by Daniele Cazzuffi
​From 23 to 25 May 2012 the annual meetings of the European Committee for Standardization on Geosynthetics (CEN TC 189) took place at UNI in Milano: the meetings were for the first time chaired by Daniele Cazzuffi (CESI SpA, Milano), who was unanimously elected President of the Committee in January 2012, for a period of […]