Kema Labs can test all kinds of transformers from distribution to power transmission. We have the world’s most powerful test laboratories for transformer testing , which has one of the highest levels of short circuit power on the European transmission grid .

Each of our laboratories is equipped to deliver sufficient power for the most rigorous short-time current tests required by end-customers. This includes the capacity for extended short-time tests of up to 3 to 5 seconds for distribution transformers.

For all your requirements, our experienced teams ensure testing is as quick and convenient as possible. In our laboratories in Arnhem, transformers can be shipped up the river Rhine and we can test them directly on the barge. This saves you costs, as well as providing a well-equipped environment in which to prepare ahead of testing.

In addition, from 2015 onwards, our facilities are the first laboratories in the world to offer test capabilities for components operating at 800 kV and above.

Products and Ratings

  • Over 400 tons full weight
  • Up to 600 MVA rated power
  • Up to 400 kV primary winding voltage

Oil-immersed power transformers

  • IEC 60076-1
  • IEC 60076-2
  • IEC 60076-3
  • IEC 60076-5
  • IEC 60076-10