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KEMA Labs High Power Laboratories stands at the forefront of cutting-edge high power testing solutions, catering to the intricate requirements of global utilities and equipment manufacturers. With our state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned test engineers, we provide technical expertise and precision in high power testing .

Comprehensive High Power Testing Capabilities

Our extensive repertoire of high power testing capabilities encompasses a range of critical assessments, including short time withstand and peak withstand current tests, short circuit tests, power arc tests, internal arc tests, and load tests. These meticulously executed tests adhere rigorously to international and regional standards, ensuring uncompromising quality and reliability of tested components.

High Power Testing: Versatile Components

Leveraging our technical prowess, we conduct thorough high power testing on a diverse array of components that play vital roles in transmission and distribution systems. Whether it be cables and cable accessories , insulators, power and instrument transformers, switchgear, or panels, our expertise spans across various complex elements.

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Globally Recognized Certifications for Quality Assurance

Upon successful completion of our high power tests, your components will be awarded prestigious KEMA LABS type test certificates. These certifications serve as a global endorsement, validating the robustness, performance, and reliability of your tested components. They reinforce your commitment to meeting industry standards and enhance your competitive advantage in the market.

High Power Testing at KEMA Labs: Collaboration with Leading Testing Experts

When it comes to high power testing, entrust your requirements to KEMA Labs High Power Laboratories. Our team of technical specialists is dedicated to delivering unrivaled precision and reliability. By harnessing our advanced methodologies and leveraging internationally acclaimed certifications, we empower you to achieve optimal performance and durability in your high power systems.

Reach out to us today to explore the comprehensive technical solutions offered by our high power testing services. Experience the transformative impact of KEMA Labs High Power Laboratories as your trusted partner in achieving high-performance, reliable results in the realm of high power testing.