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CESI Corporate video long version

10 . Nov . 2020

CESI is the world-leading technical consulting and engineering company in the field of technology and innovation for the electric power sector. We have a legacy of over 60 years of experience, over 2,000 professionals worldwide, sites and offices in 4 continents, projects in 70 countries for over 2,000 customers. Our global clients are major utilities, TSOs, DSOs, GenCos, integrators, financial investors, global electromechanical and electronic manufacturers, governments and regulatory authorities that we help in meeting the energy transition challenges.  

On one hand, KEMA labs is the CESI Division world leader for independent Testing, Inspection and Certification, combining advanced laboratories and deep expertise. On the other, the Consulting Division offers solutions for infrastructure, with focus on electrical, environmental and civil engineering aspects, from the embryonal concepts to the commissioning of the infrastructure. Furthermore, we design and produce high-efficiency, multi-junction solar cells for space applications.

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