Istedil (the National Institute for Building Research) is a ISMES brand specialising in testing materials, with laboratories located in Guidonia, Latina and Perugia.

Brief history

1937 – The National Institute for Building Research is founded in Rome.

1954 – The Institute publishes a guide to using reinforced concrete, the main material used for concrete-based structures, which becomes the standard reference text for many years.

1960 – A testing laboratory is founded in Rome-Montesacro.

1972 – The Institute becomes a joint stock company, 62% owned by ANCE, the National Association of Builders, and 38% by the Association of Local Builders. In the same year, the company moves into new headquarters in Guidonia, with testing, consulting, certification and research activities all under one roof.

1972-1980 – The Institute is authorised to carry out EC Certifications for machinery and tools throughout Europe. It becomes a member of Italy’s standards body UNI and RILEM (International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures). New laboratories are opened in Perugia, Latina and Sassari.

2001 – The Institute’s quality system is aligned with  UNI’s CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

2005 – CESI buys Enel Hydro’s 50% stake in Istedil.

2006 – Istedil’s quality system is aligned with UNI’s EN ISO 9001 standard. The laboratories in Perugia and Guidonia M. (Rome) are authorized to run geotechnical checks on land by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

2016 – CESI becomes Istedil’s majority shareholder by acquiring ANCE’s shares.


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