CESI Middle East FZE, headquartered in Dubai UAE and with Branch and project offices all over the Gulf region, is a leading local technical consulting and engineering company with more than nine  years of localized experience providing testing and certification services to the electromechanical industry as well as consulting and engineering services to the energy sector.

The company’s key clients include Middle East governmental institutions, regulatory authorities, major utilities, Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Distribution System Operators (DSOs), generation companies, system integrators, financial institutions, and international electromechanical and electronic manufacturers.

Furthermore, CESI Middle East FZE works in close cooperation with international financial institutions such as, among others, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and The Arab League.

CESI Middle East FZE provides testing and certification services as well as consulting and engineering services.

Major consulting services include: Power Systems studies and Power Market studies, Master Planning and Operational Planning, design and Owner’s Engineering for HVAC/HVDC Interconnections, Real Time Operations supervision and control, Asset Management, Integration of Renewable Energies and Storage Systems, design and Owner’s Engineering of Smart Grids and Smart Metering deployments, Technological and Environmental Audits, Control and Regulation Systems for Power Plants, Engineering services for Testing Laboratories, Environmental Impact Assessments, Civil Engineering Services for hydro and renewable plants and Environmental Monitoring Systems for Electric Power Plants.

Some remarkable electricity projects

The first HVDC power transmission interconnector between Riyadh and Mecca
CESI developed detailed technical specifications for a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power transmission interconnector between Riyadh and Mecca covering the central and western regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Designing the Egyptian electric power system
CESI was awarded the contract for the development of a transmission system Master Plan for 2030 for the Egyptian Utility EEHC.

Development of Policies, Specifications and Implementation AMI
CESI FZE has been selected by the Water & Electricity Regulatory Authority of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (WERA former ECRA) to develop policies, specification requirements and an implementation plan for a smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure.

Distributed Renewable Resources Generators
CESI FZE supported DEWA in reaching its renewable energy goals. CESI FZE was selected by DEWA as the Consultant for Shams Dubai project to provide consultancy services related to connecting renewable energy projects to the DEWA grid. 

Quality Assurance and Quality Control
CESI FZE and GEPL, supported by our international team of experts and inspectors from Europe and Asia, execute Factory Acceptance Testing, Inspections, Certification and Failure Investigations projects across the Middle East region.